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*€200 Grant payable if/after you install a heat pump, brining the net cost to €195
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BER Certificates

A Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate is an official document that certifies the energy performance of a home. You must have one before selling or letting a property. BER Assessments also form part of the process to claim most SEAI grants.

Every BER Certificate now comes with an Advisory Report. This provides some basic ideas about energy upgrades that could be beneficial.

A BER Assessment is also the basis on which more advanced energy assessments, including Technical Assessments and Home Energy Assessments, are built.

Technical Assessments

Building on top of a BER Assessment, a Technical Assessment determines the suitability of a heat pump for your home. If it turns out that the home is not yet heat pump ready, the Technical Assessment will also outline the steps that are required to make the home heat pump ready. A Technical Assessment is the first step to claiming the €6,500 SEAI heat pump grant.

Home Energy Assessments (HEA)

A Home Energy Assessment is by far the most thorough of the options. Unlike a BER Assessment, which is focussed on the current energy performance of your home, a Home Energy Assessment is all about investigating the options for how your home could perform, depending on the energy upgrades that you choose.

Before the assessment begins, we will ask you to outline your retrofit goals. Specifically, we will try to a guiding principle that our Technical Advisor can use in order to design the best set of upgrades for you. For example:

  • Achieve the highest possible BER grade within a given budget
  • Achieve an A2 or higher BER grade at the lowest cost
  • Minimise total cost of energy + upgrades over 25 years

With this information in hand, plus the results of a survey of your home, the Technical Advisor will thoroughly evaluate your range of options, and propose a solution for you. Importantly, the Technical Advisor is independent, so you get unfiltered advice, untainted by the financial interests of any particular equipment supplier or installer.

If you’re planning to upgrade your heating system, we can carry out room-by-room heat loss calculations. Using this information, we can determine if you need to upgrade any radiators so that a heat pump can perform efficiently in your home.

You can take the results of your Home Energy Assessment to a One-Stop-Shop, who can offer you a package deal to carry out all the specified works. Alternatively, you can get individual grants for the energy upgrades, and deal directly with contractors.

Not Sure Which Option to Choose?

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