Home Energy Assessments

The first step to upgrading your home’s energy performance is a detailed assessment and evaluation by a qualified Technical Advisor. There is a €350 grant for Home Energy Assessments, bringing the net cost to €595.

Leinster: Reserve your assessment online. Other Areas: Contact us on 0749710825 or info@ecoplus.ie

What is a Home Energy Assessment?

Every Home Energy Assessment starts with a BER Assessment. This provides foundational information on the energy performance of the home, as it currently stands. More importantly though, the goal of the Home Energy Assessment is to determine what set of upgrades will provide the best result, in terms of installation cost, thermal comfort, and more.

To do this, the Technical Advisor will consider a wide range of potential energy upgrades, and simulate the results of those proposed upgrades. He will then prepare a report for you, outlining the optimal set of energy upgrades, in light of your own energy performance goals.

What’s Included

  • BER Certificate
  • BER Advisory Report
  • Pathway to Make Home Heat Pump Ready
  • Technical Assessment documents for €6,500 Heat Pump Grant
  • In-Depth Evaluation of All Upgrade Options
  • Advice on the economically optimal pathway

Who is a Home Energy Assessment For?

A Home Energy Assessment is for anyone who wants to significantly upgrade the energy performance of their home. For example:

  • You want to install a heat pump
  • You want to carry out major insulation upgrades
  • You would like your home to be warmer
  • You would like your heating bills to be lower
  • You may also want to avail of government grants

What Are the Benefits?

A Home Energy Assessment will set you off on the right track, with a specific recipe for your home energy upgrades. Here’s what that will result in:

  • You get maximum value from your retrofit budget
  • A well-designed heat pump system functions efficiently, keeping bills low and comfort high
  • The Technical Advisor is independent, qualified, and insured, so you can trust the advice you get (no sales)

How Much does it Cost?

A Technical Assessment is valued at €945. However, there is a €350 government grant, bringing the net cost down to €595. The grant is deducted from the up-front cost, so you only have to pay €595.

How Can I Book My Assessment?

Leinster: Reserve your assessment online

Other Areas: Contact us on 0749710825 or info@ecoplus.ie