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Our Service

Ecoplus Surveyors Limited provide home energy Technical Assessments.

A Technical Assessment is the first step to claiming a heat pump grant of up to €6,500.

But most important is the impartial advice you receive from the Technical Advisor. Our Technical Advisors work for you, not for any installer or supplier. So they are free to give you honest, unfiltered advice. In particular, the Technical Advisor will make detailed calculations to find the optimal way to upgrade your home’s energy performance, bearing in mind your goals and budget. This can result in thousands of euro in savings, both by controlling the cost of your energy upgrades, and by maximising long-run energy savings.

Some examples of what a Technical Advisor will consider in the calculations:

  • Does it make sense to upgrade insulation in the walls? In the floors? In the roof?
  • If so, what thickness of insulation strikes the best balance between upfront cost and long-term benefit?
  • Does it make sense to install heat recovery ventilation?
  • Will the existing radiators work with a heat pump? Would some extra insulation make this possible?
  • Would renewable energy (like solar PV panels) provide a good return on investment?

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