Heat Pump Surveys (Technical Assessments)

A heat pump survey (aka technical assessment) is carried out on a home before installing a heat pump. The survey should be done by a qualified and independent professional. It takes a few hours, and there is no significant disruption to your home.

Why Get a Heat Pump Survey?

There are three main reasons to get a heat pump survey on your home in Ireland:

  1. To check if your home needs insulation upgrades before installing a heat pump
  2. To inform the design of your heat pump system
  3. So you can claim the €6,500 heat pump grant

But there are also some added benefits of getting a heat pump survey. First, a BER (Building Energy Rating) certificate is included in the survey. This is essential if you want to rent or sell your home. Second, you’ll get tailored advice about home energy upgrades. For example, the surveyor can identify the best locations for insulation upgrades in your home.

Your Heat Loss Indicator (HLI)

A HLI is the most important piece of information that you get from a heat pump survey. This is a measure of how quickly your home leaks heat (lower is better). It’s measured in W / m2 °C.

You generally need a HLI score under 2 to make a heat pump worthwhile. Moreover, you need to score under 2 to get the heat pump installation grant (2.3 under certain exception). Proving your HLI is one reason why a heat pump survey is required to claim the heat pump grant.

If your score is too high then your heat pump surveyor will outline what you can do to reduce your HLI. You don’t need to get a second technical assessment to confirm the HLI has improved. Just carry out the upgrades as specified, and make sure to keep documents to prove the standard of work done.

After a technical assessment, homes with a HLI under 2 can proceed directly to heat pump installation.  Homes with a HLI over 2 must generally first carry out insulation upgrade, before installing a heat pump

Heat Pump Surveys Grants and Costs

A heat pump survey costs around €700 before grant.

The grant is €200. However, the grant is paid only after your heat pump installation. So if you get a heat pump survey, but then decide not to go ahead with the heat pump installation, you won’t get the €200 grant.

The net cost is around €500 after grant.

How to Prepare for Your Heat Pump Survey

Heat pump surveyors need documentary evidence of energy upgrades to your home to give you an accurate survey report. If possible, give your surveyor datasheets/certificates on:

  • Insulation
  • Windows
  • Doors

Otherwise, the surveyor will use default efficiency values, resulting in a worse efficiency score for your home.

The Heat Pump Surveyor Profession

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) regulates the Irish technical assessment industry. To qualify as a heat pump surveyor, you generally must have a third level degree in Architecture, Quantity Surveying or Engineering.

Additional requirements:

  • Be Qualified as a Building Energy Rating (BER) Assessor
  • Be SEAI Registered
  • Have taken the SEAI heat pump course
  • Operate independently of any heat pump installers