Technical Assessments for Heat Pump Grants

To qualify for the SEAI heat pump grant, you must get a Technical Assessment done on your home before installing the heat pump.  This Technical Assessment must be carried out by an independent and qualified professional (not someone working for a heat pump installation company).

After the Technical Assessment your Technical Advisor will provide a detailed report on the energy performance of your home.

If your home is not yet heat pump ready, our Technical Advisor will detail the upgrades required before installing the heat pump.  In addition, our Technical Advisor will outline the estimated costs and available grants available for each upgrade.

You don’t have to get a second Technical Assessment after completing the upgrades.  However, you will need to get a BER Assessment after the heat pump installation to claim your grant.

Technical Assessments for Independent Advice

Heat pump grants are not the only reason to get a Technical Assessment.

A home that’s insulated to heat pump standard is easier to heat and more comfortable to live in. This applies regardless of the heat source.  So it’s not just about saving money; energy upgrades can also benefit your quality of life.

Your Technical Advisor will determine the most cost-effective way to upgrade your home to a high standard of energy efficiency.  You can then get competing quotes from home improvement companies for the recommended upgrades.

Technical Advisors are independent professionals regulated by the SEAI

How to Prepare for Technical Assessment

Technical Advisors need documentary evidence of energy upgrades to your home to give you an accurate survey report.

So make sure to send us any certificates you have relating to insulation, renewable energy, and heating system upgrades before the day of your Technical Assessment.

If you don’t do this, the Technical Advisor may have to use default values, making the results less accurate.

Technical Assessments Costs and Grants

Technical Assessments cost in the region of €700, before grants.

The grant amount is €200. But it’s only payable if you get a heat pump installed.